As you are reading,  keep in mind that this blog is all my own and that my thoughts, opinions and experiences may be different than yours.  While I am a Registered Dietitian, I am sharing my individual experiences - and my needs may be different than yours.

If you suspect that you have a problem with gluten, you absolutely must speak with a dietitian or physician who is familiar with your past medical history.  If you are having symptoms and suspect you may have a problem with gluten, it is imperative to see your primary care physician to rule out any other possible causes first such as Celiac Disease.  If you cut out gluten before you are tested for CD, your test results will not be accurate.

As there are vitamin and mineral deficiencies to be aware of that can occur with a gluten-free diet - you should always discuss any major dietary changes with your dietitian or physician.  If you have recently found out that you need to follow a gluten-free diet and are looking for an RD in your area you can locate one here.  As always, I'll do my best to give you gluten-free recipes and advice to make your gluten free lifestyle a little easier :)

I hope that you can follow me on my journey through life while at the same time learning a little more about what it means to be gluten-free and how to prepare gluten-free foods.... for yourself or the friends and family that you love :)

Happy reading!

Lindsay :)