Hi everyone!  I'm Lindsay, the blogger behind The Gluten Free Baker.  I'm a 20-something MS, RD, LD making a happy and healthy life for myself and my husband in the Midwest.  While my title might be The Gluten Free Baker, I created this blog to be a lifestyle blog.  So, feel free to join in on all the recipes, crafts and fun finds that I share.  Don't be surprised when you see things like vision boardsmy favorite way to cook tofuwordless postsincredible iced coffeehow to survive graduate school26 lessons learned following your heartbeauty resolutions and things I love.

Don't worry if gluten-free isn't your thing, all of my recipes can be easily adapted to contain gluten...after all, I wasn't always gluten-free. And yes, I've been tested for Celiac Disease.  I gave up gluten as a last ditch attempt to help my migraines when acupuncture didn't quite cut it.  I introduced gluten back into my diet and while listening to my body discovered that I have a sensitivity.  You can read more about what a gluten sensitivity is and the research going on around it here and here.  What does that mean for me and my diet?  Am I super strict? Yes, for the most part.  I don't worry too much about cross contamination and I eat soy sauce.  The line usually stops there.

So, why a healthy living blog? In 2009, I was preparing to take my exam to become an RD.  My life revolved around studying and job hunting.  I stumbled upon healthy living blogs and I fell in love.  Eventually, in 2012, I decided to start my own.

Aside from my love of gluten-free baking, I love my family, friends, soy milk lattes, hot yoga, crafting, optimism, running and polka dots. Questions/comments?  Feel free to reach out to me at Lindsay.glutenfreebaker@gmail.com


This is my personal blog and the thoughts and opinions that I post are all my own.  Any comments made on this blog, by myself or by third parties, do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of my employer.