About Me

Hi everyone!  I'm the Gluten-Free Baker, better known as Lindsay, a 20-something MS, RD, LD creating a happy and healthy life for myself in the Midwest. If you are curious about how I became gluten-free, you can read about it here on the My Gluten Story page.

My love of baking started as a little girl helping my grandma and aunt bake chocolate chip cookies.... recipe courtesy of Mr. Tollhouse to be exact.  From there, I moved up in the world... using my Domino's Pizza Oven (who knew this existed?) to make delicious itty bitty cakes :)  Including, one for the birthday of my favorite 2nd grade teachers.

As I grew older, their were many kitchen successes such as the caramelized sugar cake I made in the 7th grade.  I took a food & nutrition class in high school and was totally smitten.  I remember making amazing pumpkin muffins and dabbling around with various ingredients.  Oh those were the days - before I really knew how much oil was way too much!

After I switched my major to nutrition, I started taking Food Science.  I found my love of baking all over again - we learned the individual properties of ingredients - fat contributes color & flavor, sugar tenderizes and helps with browning, eggs contribute to structure, baking power & soda assist with leavening. I learned that over beating batter leads to tunnels in baked goods and that gluten-free buckwheat cookies will be a weird shade of gray.  I didn't always like trying the food, but I loved experimenting in the kitchen - much better than bio-organic chemistry lab ;)

In 2009, I was preparing to take my exam to become a Registered Dietitian.  My life revolved around studying and job hunting.  I stumbled upon healthy living blogs because I wanted a recipe for homemade Larabars and I fell in love.  After this, I became super interested in vegan baking - and back into the kitchen I went.  I made vegan foods and raw foods and in graduate school even purchased this dehydrator.

Flash forward to early 2011, when I first became gluten-free me.  Goodbye favorite foods?  Not quite :) Although, it definitely felt like that at first.  I learned to modify the foods I loved and being gluten-free has definitely expanded my horizons.  

Aside from my love of gluten-free baking, I love my friends and family, pilates, soy milk lattes, meditation, optimism and polka dots :)  I want this blog to focus on other things aside from gluten-free baking, so don't be surprised if you see posts on my favorite things, vision boards, my favorite way to cook tofu with a side of The Bachelor, wordless posts, incredible iced coffee, how to survive graduate school (my most popular post!), 26 lessons learned (my favorite post), following your heartbeauty resolutions and things I love.  

Catch you later :)