Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Second Trimester Favorites

Hi friends! Hope you're having a great day :) Today, I'm sharing a few of my pregnancy favorites because let's be honest, being pregnant comes with lots of unexpected joys and surprises. While I've loved every second of it, I've found with the transition into each trimester, there are some things that get a little easier and some that get a little harder....

The second trimester brought to me extra energy, a visible baby bump (yes!!) and the finale of morning sickness. However, it also brought along breakouts, trouble sleeping and itchy skin. Early in my pregnancy, I loved reading other bloggers favorite pregnancy products, so today I'm sharing three of mine that solved my second trimester problems!

Belli Skincare

  • One thing my pregnancy brought along with it that was certainly not welcome was breakouts. Unfortunately, many effective acne treatments aren't pregnancy safe. So, what's a girl to do? Enter Belli Skincare! The products were formulated by OBs and dermatologists to use pregnancy safe ingredients. I only purchased the acne serum and I can say that it truly did help clear up those pesky pregnancy breakouts. I thought it was fairly inexpensive compared to most acne products and worked wonders!  

The Snoogle 

  • One thing that's never though of is how uncomfortable sleeping during pregnancy becomes. The snoogle was and still is my sleep life saver. It helped me be able to sleep better through the night without being so uncomfortable and achy. I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond and used a 20% off coupon for extra savings! If you're pregnant, I recommend purchasing one as soon as possible. You won't regret it. It's also great for folding in half and supporting your back when sitting! 

Burt's Bees Mama Oil

  • I love this lemon scented oil! Stretch marks are supposedly genetic, but anything helps right? I loved and still love this Burt's Bees oil when I picked it up during my second trimester. Not only is it cheaper than a lot of the other products out there, but I haven't had any issues with it staining my clothes. It smells wonderful, unlike many other products out there, and helps keep my skin from being itchy! 

What were your pregnancy favorites?