Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Turning Your 2016 Goals Into Reality

Hi friends!  How has the new year been treating you?  The start of a new year, month or week can be a time to turn over a new leaf and work towards making your dreams and goals a reality.  The difficulty is that it can often be overwhelming and confusing to make it actually happen.  Goals can often seem unreachable and it's easy to fall off the wagon. Everyone seems to come up with new years resolutions when the new year begins, but how often do we actually stick with them?

Create Goals
  • I'll be writing my own goals for the year in my new 2016 planner.  I plan on focusing on broad categories such as my relationship with self, my relationships with others, my career, and thinking of what I would like to improve in each area.  I'm going to start with short-term goals that are manageable and realistic, so that I can realistically achieve my long-term goals.  It's important to remember the benefit of my goals as well, so that if I want to skip my plan of action, I remember why it's important.
  • What this might look like...
    • Stress Management
      • Goal: Spend 5-7 minutes meditating at least 5 days per week
      • Benefit: I'll feel less stressed and more grounded
      • Goal: Stop mindlessly scrolling through social media when I feel bored
      • Benefit: I'll free up time for other things
      • Goal: Work on complaining less, stop participating in complaining wars (someone complains about something, so you start complaining about it too - we've all been there) 
      • Benefit: I'll feel happier 
  • Some of my major things to work on include carving out downtime for myself and relaxing, spending less time mindlessly scrolling through my iphone, finding a new fitness routine, continuing to improve my relationships, work on complaining less and striving to always love more.
Create a Vision Board
  • A vision board is a collection of images and quotes that symbolize where you are looking for your life to go in the upcoming year.  If you need the recipe for a vision board, you can find it in this post from 2012. Not feeling crafty? Use Pinterest
Be Accountable
  • Nothing helps make goals more realistic than sharing them with other people. My husband and I share our goals for the year every January and then check in periodically throughout the year to see how on track we are with them. Sit down with a best friend, parent or significant other and share your goals. Not only does this help you to stay more accountable throughout the year, but can also help you see what areas you might be selling yourself short or not pushing yourself enough.  
What goals will you set for yourself this year? 

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