Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pizza Hut - A Gluten Free Review

Pizza can be described in a variety of ways. It's hard to find bad pizza, but it's even harder to find the holy grail of pizza... especially when you're gluten free. I remember when I became gluten free 4 years ago, only one pizzeria near me served gluten free pizza.  Plus, it was overpriced and terrible. As the gluten free market has expanded, pizzerias have jumped on the gluten free train.

I heard that Pizza Hut had recently unveiled a new gluten free pizza in their stores and I was eager to try it. Growing up, Pizza Hut was my all-time favorite!!  There was the Book It program for reading, our weekly family Friday night pizza party complete with TGIF, volunteering with my friends at the museum center and eating pan pizza in the lobby.

My general consensus with pizza is that it what really separates brands isn't always the crust, but the cheese and the toppings. Of the two "mainstream" pizza brands I've tried - Larosas and Donatos - the gluten-free pizza tastes pretty spot on to the original. I suspected that Pizza Hut would follow suit.. I placed the order and we patiently waited for our pizzas to arrive...

I loved that they use a standout box to separate the pizza. I've had issues with other restaurants accidentally sending a non-gluten free pizza and totally forgetting to look for the small gluten free sticker on the box. I knew the Udi's crust would be a hit - Donato's also uses an Udi's made crust - plus, let's be honest, it's the same crust I buy at the grocery store.  

I ordered my usual topping, black olives. The cheese tasted exactly like I remembered it. It was rich and buttery. The sauce was mild and didn't overpower the flavors, but complemented them.  The black olives were the perfect touch. This was definitely reminiscent of the pizza of my childhood!

It wasn't perfect though. My biggest complaint was that the crust was burnt around the edges. I also disliked that the pizza was on the retail sized Udi's crust. I didn't expect the gluten-free pizza to be the same size as a large pizza, but for almost $15, I was expecting it to be a little larger.

Overall, I rate it a solid B! I would definitely order it again and if the crust wasn't burnt, it would have moved up into the B+ category.  

Have you tried Pizza Hut's gluten-free pizza? What were your thoughts? 

Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored review

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