Sunday, February 8, 2015

2/8/15: Meals for the Week

Hi there!  Just checking in with my recipes for the week. I love helping my readers to come up with new meals that they can make throughout the work week, so feel free to steal some of my meals for the week.

My number one tip for successful meal planning? Planning. I always plan out my meals on Sunday prior to heading to the grocery store. Typically, I will look to see what staples we have in our cabinets and then go from there. I make sure to incorporate anything that we might be missing onto my grocery list, so I am not empty handed while in the middle of cooking dinner.

Using items we already have helps to cut down on weekly expenses by keeping our grocery bill somewhat in check.  I swap things out left and right based on what I have and then modify recipes accordingly, which also helps me to come up with new recipes that I can there share with all of you!

I have been craving soup recently, so I knew I had to include it in our weekly menu.  Thai fried rice was thought up when I realized that we have a bag of rice in our cabinet that has been sitting there unused, so look for that recipe this week. I remembered how much I loved the quinoa cakes and after seeing a half opened box of quinoa in the cabinet, well, I knew it was time to make them. Typically, one of our meals will be leftovers that I have frozen from a prior meal, but our freezer is pretty barren this week.

Also, note that I always include one or more servings of vegetables with all of our dinners. This could be oven roasted brussels sprouts, sauteed zucchini, broccoli, mixed green salads or oven roasted asparagus. The sky is the limit.

Sunday: Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos
Monday:  Baked Potato Soup 
Tuesday: Family Dinner
Wednesday: Thai Fried Rice  
Friday: Pizza!
Saturday: Valentine's Day! Recipes tba...!

What's on your plate this week? 

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