Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2/4: WIAW

Hey there - I can hardly believe that today is Wednesday! This week has been dragging by and I feel like I have constantly been a day ahead of schedule.  I think the culprit is my early morning workouts and excess coffee :) Anyway, before I lose my track of thought, What I Ate Wednesday is here! Let's get started shall we.

My alarm went off bright and early, I stumbled my way to the coffee machine and started my day with half of a glass....and then hit up the gym for 30 minutes on the stairmill... yikes! It was everything I hoped it would be and I remained scared of every staircase I saw for the remainder of the day.

After my workout, I started getting ready for work and enjoyed another cup of coffee with almond milk and my beloved breakfast cookie.  I hopped in the car and was on my way.... I got a little hungry midway through the morning, so I ate half a banana.

Soon, it was time for lunch.  I always eat around 11 am, but received a call that IT was finally coming to check out our PC problems. The printer and keyboard have been on the fritz in our office, so imagine our surprise when instead of offering to fix it, IT just said they were going to replace it!  I was totally on board with the new swanky PC they brought us in the afternoon, complete with working printer and keyboard. That's what Wednesday dreams are made of.

They must have wanted out of our office after checking out this new calendar that was hanging on our wall. My co-worker brought it in yesterday and it is the prime real estate right over our printer. "Hot Guys and Baby Animals". Could you really want anything more? 12 whole months of the cutest baby animals you have ever seen. Oh, and a few hot guys too!

I ate my salad - mixed greens, balsamic chickpeas, tomatoes, mozzarella, cucumbers - and munched on this insanely amazing gluten free bread while IT checked out the equipment and decided what they needed to replace. I spent my afternoon in clinic seeing patients, grabbed a water and came back to eat a quest bar.

Soon, the day was over and I was home. I was headed back to the gym for a new "design your own workout" feature that I had signed up for.  I decided a second workout called for a second snack so I added peanut butter and a few chocolate chips to a slice of the same bread I mentioned before.  The class was  informative and I learned about the gym equipment, but I didn't walk away with any new knowledge. Oh well!

I came home and sauteed a zucchini before moving on to my next kitchen project - pad thai. While I was in Kauai, I had the best pad thai from a food truck.  It was insanely simple - rice noodles, sauce, tofu, peanuts and bean sprouts.  I wanted to create something equally simple at home and it was amazing (recipe coming tomorrow!) quick and clean pad thai for the win!

And then I snuck 2 chocolate hearts out of the Dove bag. I will eat all heart shaped candy. It's my jam :)

Happy Wednesday!

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