Monday, February 16, 2015

2/15/15: Meals for the Week

Hi there!  As always, here is our weekly menu.  It's brutally cold here and we're trying to clean out our freezer and roll with some leftovers.  I made way too many scalloped potatoes for Valentine's Day, so we'll be eating them for awhile.  I'm not complaining, batch cooking saves time later, so I highly recommend it :)

Sunday: Pizza! Donato's :)
Monday: Tofu/chicken with spaghetti sauce, scalloped potatoes, brussels sprouts 
Tuesday: Leftovers! Baked Potato Soup, asparagus 
Wednesday: Cheese enchiladas, salad  
Thursday: Chicken/veggie burgers, brussels sprouts 
Friday: Chicken tacos
Saturday: TBA

What's on your plate this week?