Thursday, January 15, 2015

From Drab to Fab: Jeans Edition

Hey there. If you are anything like me, you have a pair of favorite jeans that you just cannot bear to part with... am I right?  They might be falling apart or might just be looking a little worn.  Well, you can breathe new life into that denim and get more miles out of them before you part ways.  Want to know how?  Keep reading.

Distressed denim is everywhere - stores, style blogs, fashion magazines.  I owned quite a few pairs in college and like before, everything old is new again.  Back in those college days, one of my friends taught me a trick for times when those "new" destroyed jeans were not quite destroyed enough.  Today, I am going to share that trick with you. All it takes is patience and caution!

These J Brand skinny jeans were my favorite.  However, they started to develop a hole in the knee.  I have been craving a pair of destroyed denim, so I threw caution to the wind, broke out my tools and got to work.  All you will need for this project is an X-Acto knife, available at any arts and crafts store, and an old pair of denim.

DIY Destroyed Denim


Old denim
X-Acto knife
Chalk (optional)
Cutting board

1. Begin by selecting the area you would like to destroy. Feel free to try the jeans on and mark with chalk as desired. Remove jeans and place on a steady surface.

2. Place something sturdy behind the area that you are destroying, such as a cutting board.  Make a few horizontal slits across the denim in your desired area. Use the tip of the blade to gently pull apart the threads as shown.

3. Next, run the blade vertically across the new destroyed portion to collect the balled up thread.  The threads will begin to ball up along the sides of the fabric, remove them using this method and move on to the next area you wish to destroy. 

3. Repeat until your desired look is achieved.  

Do you like the look of destroyed denim? 

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