Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1/7: WIAW

Hi there! It's been bitterly cold in the Midwest this week!  What's the weather like where you are?  I've been bundling up for trip to work with Ugg boots, a parka and a huge scarf. My trick is to leave ballet flats at my desk, so I don't have to worry about cold feet on my way in and out of the office.  

While January is in full swing and snow storms are on the horizon, I might not very excited about the weather, but I am excited for my favorite guilty pleasure - the return of The Bachelor. Remember Bachelor Ben? Bachelor Sean?  I have blogged about alllllll the bachelors at this point. Honestly, this may just be the best season of The Bachelor yet, even though the first episode required me to watch it over two nights due to my old lady, early bedtime lifestyle. Did you watch?  What were your thoughts? 

Moving on... my day was packed with delicious eats - including soup, the perfect antidote for chilly temps!  I'll be posting the broccoli cheddar soup recipe tomorrow, so feel free to stop back if you would like the recipe. Now, onto what I ate Wednesday!

Breakfast: protein breakfast cookie + coffee

Snack: grapefruit

Lunch: broccoli soup (recipe coming tomorrow!) + veggies

Snacks: quest bar + peanut butter date

Dinner: salad + brown rice pasta, edamame, truffle oil and parmesan

What did you eat this Wednesday?


  1. Great noms! That peanut butter and chocolate date go me like :)

  2. Quest bars though....<3