Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend Recap 11/16/14

Happy Sunday!  I'm here with a recap of my weekend :) It was relaxing and calm, which was just what I needed.  Anyway, here's the run down...

Friday night, I decided to skip the gym and take a rest day.  My husband and I decided to venture out of our house to check out a new sci-fi film that was on our radar. He had mentioned wanting to see Interstellar a few weeks ago and I was totally on board seeing as 2001: A Space Oddessy is one of my favorite movies of all time.  You can watch the trailer below.

Low and behold, imagine my surprise when we found out the movie theater had been renovated to include lounge chairs!!  We picked our seats prior to entering the theater and settled in with our snacks.  The chairs were comfortable and I loved being able to have my feet up for the whole movie without worry about kicking the person in front of me!  The film was fantastic and resulted in much discussion about it's underlying meaning and themes.

Saturday morning was a chilly one!  I was volunteering in the cheer section for Girls on the Run.  GOTR is a youth development program for girls in grades 3-8 that focuses on positivity and team building.  One of the coaches informed our group that they tell the girls during their first session to imagine a negative plug in their head that is feeding them negative messages from society and the media - "you aren't thin enough," "you aren't smart," "you won't ever be anything," "you aren't strong" - and to imagine removing that plug and plugging into GOTR's messages of "you are perfect just the way you are," "you are strong," "you are beautiful," "you matter".  Throughout the 12 week program, the girls train for a 5K which culminates in the run.  It was bitter cold out but an amazing time!  We cheered our hardest and many high fives were given.

After all that, it was time for an actual run at the gym.  My husband and I raced each other side by side, resulting in a higher calorie burn on my heart rate monitor than normal.  Looking to switch up your fitness routine?  I highly recommend racing your workout buddy, if you are into being competitive.  If you couldn't tell, I'm loving our new gym!

After our run, we met Kurt for lunch at Main Bite and enjoyed bacon wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates and buffalo chicken lettuce wraps.  Buffalo chicken in a tender lettuce shell with shredded carrots and cucumbers.  Obviously, I'll be attempting a recreate in the kitchen!  I spent the afternoon visiting my grandma at the skilled nursing facility where she will be doing a few weeks of rehab.  We watched Pretty Woman and discussed the handsomeness of Richard Gere :)  I headed home and decided there was no way I was cooking dinner. My husband and I settled on dinner out where I enjoyed a glass of malbec, blackened salmon, lots of veggies and an early bedtime.  ZzzzZzz.

Sunday is my day for errands, so I made a quick trip to Kroger to stock up on all things grocery related, including holiday Larabars.  I also picked up these beautiful tote bags during my trip out.... perfect for lugging everything around during the work week.  My grandma's caregiver has this bag in purple and after hearing the price and where it was from, I was on a mission.  Clearly, I wanted ALL the colors.

Now, it's time to meal prep my lunches for the week and get ready for my husband's work dinner!  I hope you had a great weekend :)  Can't wait to share more with you this week!

What made your weekend special? 

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