Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Recipes All Around

Hi there friends!  Happy Tuesday! All ready for Thanksgiving?  I can hardly believe it's only two short days away.  I'm looking forward to celebrating with my family and also having a few much needed days off of work.  The Thanksgiving festivities actually started last weekend when our friends hosted Friendsgiving!  We had a great time catching up with everyone and enjoying the delicious food.  Did any of you participate in Friendsgiving?  It's one of my favorite traditions, I've been to one every year for the past 5 years. I highly recommend it!  

On the home front, our Thanksgiving will be a little different this year.  My side of the family celebrates at my grandma's home, but this year she's currently in a skilled nursing facility gaining some strength after a hospital stay.  The silver lining is that my great aunt happens to be living there two rooms down!  She used to come to our Thanksgiving every year, but aging has changed a lot of things for everyone, so it will be exciting to have a reunion this year.  Our family will visit her and take food, so in a way, it won't make a difference because all that matters is we're together.

I'll also be throwing together something last minute to take I'm sure.  If you're in the same boat that I am,  check out my guest post on Calio for all the gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes you need. Whether you're in charge of appetizers, a side dish, dessert or the main affair, I've got you covered!

What are you making for Thanksgiving? 

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