Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIAW 10/15/14

Hi there! We're halfway to Friday. I love Wednesday, don't you?  The hardest part of the week is over and by now everyone is in the swing of things. If there's anything healthy living bloggers and blog readers love, it's What I Ate Wednesday....this week, I'm joining in on the fun!  Now, I planned this post last week so in all honesty this is last Wednesday, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.  I added some tips and comments in as to why I chose the foods I did to help you learn ways to pump up your nutrition and fall into good habits!

Breakfast - Coffee, brown rice wrap with an egg white & cheese

Tip: I've been loving this Pumpkin Spice Coffee by Green Mountain - it's perfect with a splash of soy. If you're looking to replace a high calorie, high sugar pumpkin spice latte addiction this is definitely your ticket out. Pump up the protein with skim milk or soy :) 

Lunch - Potato soup, salad &veggies

Tip: Leftovers make great lunch options.  It's easy to get bored with the same old sandwich...which can lead to saying yes to greater temptations such as picking up lunch to have at the office with coworkers or buying nachos (insert your guilty pleasure food here) from the cafeteria. 

Snack - Think Thin Bar

Tip: I always look for a higher protein bar to tide me over in the afternoon.  They're easy to store, don't require refrigeration and are easy to consume on the fly.  Brands I love - Kind, Larabars, Think Thin and Quest. 

Tip: Feeling low on energy after work prior to your workout?  Try a light snack.  Whenever I feel run down, I'll pop a light snack prior to my workout.  Not only does it help me stay at the gym a little longer, it also helps me power through and push myself harder. 

Dinner - 3 ingredient tostadas, brussels sprouts 

Tip: Got leftovers?  Recreate that meal! This chicken was cooked in the crockpit earlier in the week and shredded. I reclaimed it to create an entirely different dish - let your imagination go wild with leftovers - the possibilities are endless!

So, let me know, what was the most interesting thing you ate this Wednesday? Any recipes I should try? 


  1. Yumm. Those cookie dough energy bites look delicious and so does the potato soup. Embrace fall and soup season! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. gotta try those raw cookie dough bites! yum!