Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites 10/04/14: Week 2

Happy Friday!!! TGIF!  No more wake-ups until Friday, because Friday is here.  Any big plans this weekend on the agenda?  I'm volunteering on Saturday morning at Dress for Success - a non-profit organization that helps women acquire the skills and clothing necessary to snag a job after coming out of an abusive relationship, incarceration etc.  I'm also looking forward to coffee, lazy mornings and fall temperatures.

I'm participating in Housewife Glamour's Friday Favorites again this week... so here we go!

Housewife Glamour


  • Pumpkin scones!!!  I seriously make them every year.  I can't wait to break them out again...bring on the cinnamon icing :)  Maybe this weekend...

  • This epsom salt!  Have you ever been sore after a workout or felt under the weather?  Epsom salt is made of magnesium sulfate, which has a wide variety of health benefits, as it helps to draw toxins out of your body by reverse osmosis.  Magnesium helps to reduce inflammation, improves blood flow and reduces muscle cramps and pain - after all, it's a smooth muscle relaxer!  Bonus - this one is scented with essential oils, making it super relaxing.  There's nothing after a stressful day than an epsom salt bath to detox and a good book.


  • I'm loving this Factory J Crew Charley sweater - give me alllll the colors.  I wore this sweater in pink for our engagement pictures last winter and stocked up on two more colors this fall. If I had a uniform, this would be part of it.  It's soft with the perfect fit and the cutest crew neck. 


  • Foam rolling!!  Oh my gosh, is there anything better than a DIY massage?  This thera roll has been my foam roller love for years.  Nothing has helped me run faster or longer as much as the foam roller has - it's perfect for helping to massage tired muscles.  If you've never used one, run to the store right now.  I'm loving this foam roller routine from Tone it Up as well!


  • Nicole Curtis might be the rehab addict, but I'm addicted and can't stop watching her show.  Ahhh, can we buy all the houses and remodel them?  No? What about our own?  I love how she renovates historic homes to their former glory  #HGTVaddict

What are you loving this Friday?


  1. Woo hoo! Cute sweater! I love layering with similar ones. And yay for foam rolling! Thanks so much for linking up your favorites. Happy Weekend!

    1. Yes! I love layering sweaters :) Anytime and thank you for organizing the link up every week!!

  2. I love those bath salts! I bought the milk and honey ones at Target today, I'm excited to try!

    1. Milk and honey sounds amazing!! I'll totally be looking for those next time I'm at Target :)

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