Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday and a Few Wedding Shots!

It's been quite the quiet Monday over here today!  I woke up early and was out the door before 6:45 am - totally not the norm - but I definitely beat almost all of the traffic in my commute.  The work day flew by and before I knew it, I was home.  I did some cleaning in the house and made black bean and chicken tacos for dinner, with a side of HGTV.

The relaxation started because I've been sick for awhile and took a trip to my doctor today after a pretty unhelpful appointment at the Healthcare Clinic at Walgreens yesterday.  Now, I'm fully stocked with antibiotics and an inhaler to get back on the mend :)  Thanks, but no thanks bronchitis.  I also made a quick trip to Target on the way home and picked up a new-to-me nail polish from Essie.

While it's nice to rest and relax minus the awful coughing, the downfall is that I've had to take a break from running!  I've been thinking about signing up for the Thanksgiving race after being encouraged by one of my very best friends, the Running Dietitian, and I found this 10k training plan online.  Granted, I did run 2.5 miles on Saturday, despite my hacking cough, so maybe it could still be a go once I'm all patched up...any runners out there have any advice?

In the meantime and totally unrelated, here are some wedding photos that my sister-in-law happened to find online!  Our photographer was Blue Martini Photography (totally amazing if you live in Cincinnati by the way), but she had two assistant photographers who posted some of the pictures they took on their Facebook page.  To make a long story short, my SIL ran into one of them and they gave her the deets of where they were posted, as they have their own photography company Sixteen-Fourteen Photography.  They're beautiful and I can't wait to get them all back - our photography team was amazing and I can't wait to have all of these pictures forever.  Here are a few shots - I'm off to bed!

Any big plans for the week?


  1. We had our wedding here and couldn’t have asked for anything more than what we got with the chef and staff. The coordinator did a wonderful job. Every little detail they took care of.

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