Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites 9/25/14: Week 1

Happy Friday! TGIF!  It's my absolute favorite day of the week.  I'm writing this post in advance but I can still pretty much guarantee it's going to be the craziest day of work ever - two pagers, a meeting, lots of charting and a million patients - but who cares because it's Fridayyyyy!

Is it just me or has this week absolutely flown by?  Seriously, it just feels like it was Monday.  I'm so excited for a low key weekend.  My only big plans include a family birthday brunch on Sunday to celebrate my dad's birthday and mine and then an outlet trip with my two sisters. I can't wait!  Lazy weekends are the best.

This week, I'm participating in Housewife Glamour's Friday we go!

Housewife Glamour


  • Pizza Friday. We always ordered pizza on Friday's when I was growing up and now I'm starting to think that nothing sounds better on a Friday night than cuddling up with my hubby, watching tv and eating a huge cheesy slice.  There's a good chance this Buffalo Chicken Pizza will be on the menu tonight. 


  • I have the worst cuticles ever and can seriously say that this stuff is amazing. First of all, the bottle is gigantic, meaning it will last for ever. Secondly, it smells like the beach.  It's only $6.99 at Sally's, making it a fall find!


  • I love spinning, which means Cycle Bar is right up my alley.  I'm a little sad that it took the place of one of my favorite hot yoga studios, but can't wait to test out the ride!!  


  • I was in desperate need of new ballet flats after my Tory Burch Reva's bit the dust.  I can say I'm all stocked for fall with these new editions.  I'm loving the little details on ballet flats - gold buckles, bows and chains. Bring. It. On. 


  • Pusheen!!! OH MY GOSH. I'm obsessed.  Is that completely nerdy?  It totally is, but who cares.  Once I discovered this was a "legit" thing and not just an emoticon on Facebook, I became even more in love.  If Pusheen was a real cat, I'd probably break my no cats rule to have him as a pet :)

What are your Friday favorites? 


  1. Love the TB flats! All of them in the photo, actually. So cute! And that pizza looks amazing! I vote pizza for dinner tonight in our household... thanks so much for linking up and I hope you enjoy the weekend!

  2. Another Pusheen lover!!! Oh I adore Pusheen. I'm right there with ya, even if it is nerdy. :)

    Here's one of my favorite Pusheen's--the Baker Cat.

  3. I have really bad cuticles too, I'll have to pick up some of that oil! Thanks for the recommendation.