Monday, October 21, 2013

10 Ways to Make Fall Fabulous!

Hi there :)  A few months ago, I made a list on my cell phone under notes #addictedtonotesonmyiphone of ways I wanted to make summer fantastic.  A few of my favorites included taking a hot yoga class going on a vacation, strength training, buying a new bikini, planning a sushi girls night and making homemade ice cream.

There were somethings that didn't get checked off the list - finding the perfect summer sandals, running 4 miles without IT band pain and reading 5 books... things that I would have loved to happen that just didn't, but that's the whole purpose of making the list - to try to accomplish things that otherwise won't happen.

The best thing about my list?  Some of the things were slightly outside of my comfort zone - I was terrified for hot yoga, but powered through the class against my fear and ended up loving it.  Making homemade ice cream was totally outside of my normal routine...especially when the recipe called for cream. All of the items on the list were worth it, even the ones I never accomplished, so now here's a new list for fall.

Now, I present you with 10 ways that I'm going to make fall fabulous!!

1. Carve a pumpkin - I always used to carve pumpkins with my grandpa as a little girl, plus it's a fun way to get in the holiday spirit as an adult.  My fiance and I carved pumpkins last year, so I'm looking forward to repeating that tradition!

2. Make a butternut pasta dish - I've never cooked squash although it's been on my list of things to do for years.  I'm not lying - it's super intimidating.  I'm swooning over these recipes though: and

3. Decorate for the holidays - Well, to the dismay of my fiance, this has already happened... the Halloween decorations are out and as soon as Thanksgiving is over, it will be time to decorate for Christmas!! #sorryImnotsorry

4. Make fondue - Recipe coming soon to this blog!  Things dipped in cheese?  What's not to love?  Yummmm.  The dippers included chicken, baked fries, apples, gluten-free bagels and broccoli.

5. Watch a Halloween flick - There are a ton - you can go super scary or you can go with kind of cheesy from the 90's.  Last year, it was Beetlejuice. This year, Hocus Pocus. Done and done.

6. Set a new fitness goal - I'm setting the goal of being able to run 4 miles without any IT band pain - this is something I've never done.  I fell of the 5K training bandwagon after I ran a whole 5K with no pain.  Right now, I'm at about 2.75 miles.  Hopefully, there won't be any setbacks along the way, but as long as I make plenty of dates with the foam roller, I should be good to go.  The next goal will be 5.  Maybe there is a 10K in my spring future :)

7. Makeover your fall routine - Use your Sephora gift cards towards the purchase of new Urban Decay eyeliners like I did ;)

8. Fall clean - everyone cleans for spring, but why not start fall with a clean house?  So far, I've scrubbed our hardwood floors, cleaned out our linen closet and gone through my fall wardrobe.  It feels like such a relief to get rid of all that junk!

9. Make something pumpkin flavored - I couldn't resist.  It's quintessential fall right there.  Coming to our kitchen?  Copycat pumpkins spice scones.

10. Go to hot yoga 2x a month - I loved hot yoga when I went, so why not continue the experience?  The studio isn't close to my house and it's a little on the pricey side, so to go weekly might be a struggle, but this is definitely doable.  Yoga calms my slightly frantic mind in a way that nothing else does, so I need to commit to spending more time doing it.

How are you going to make fall fabulous?

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