Monday, July 15, 2013

Two Months to Go

My 28th birthday is only 2 months away...yikes.  27 has been wonderful - in fact, it's probably my favorite year so far and I would be lying if I said I might not freak out and cry when it's really over.  Last year, I made a list of 27 things I wanted to do before 28... lets review the list and see how I've done so that I can get cracking on what's left!

1. Take a cooking class - Complete!  I took a sushi class in March and it was SO much fun :)

2. Go to yoga once a month - This didn't happen, yoga is one of those things that I adore, but can't seem to figure out how to fit it into my life.  Any suggestions?

3. Run a 5k - Complete!!!  I'll scream it from the rooftops.

4. Keep a journal for 21 days - I think this goal should change to keep a journal for 7 days and blog for 21 days... this may or may not happen, but I would love if it could!

5. Get a passport - Yep, still no passport.  Paul and I have discussed this, so maybe we can knock this off my list together!

6. Meditate 3 times a week and work up to daily - So close.  I've started meditating recently because it helps me feel grounded - which isn't anything I didn't already know - so why I haven't gotten around to making it a daily priority, like brushing my teeth, is beyond me.  My ego must be getting in the way.

7. Continue crafting - Complete!  I've decorated wine glasses for all of my friends, made glitter glasses for my family at Christmas and still have a few tricks up my sleeve before my birthday even rolls around.

8. Carve a pumpkin - Complete!  Paul and I did this in October and it was so much fun.  I'm pretty sure he thought that I was going to lose a finger, but I didn't.  Our pumpkin proudly sat outside the entire month of October... and part of November.

9. Go to a football game - Complete! Well, kind of.  The setting was late November....were only there for a half an hour - I had been pretty sick that week but decided to tough it out.  That is, until my doctor's office called during the game and said "Congratulations, your chest x-ray shows you have pneumonia."  Nailed it.

10. Make a chocolate chip tofu cheesecake - Complete!  Paul and I made this together for a Thanksgiving friendsgiving party that I didn't get to go to.... because of the illness described in #9.  He brought me home the leftovers and potato skins, as I had barely moved from my location on our couch.  Keeper.

11. Go on a bike ride - FAILED IT!  And found out that apparently that old adage "it's like riding a bike" is NOT true in my case.... after a failed attempt to go bike riding with Paul and his family.  Most embarrassing moment ever.  Poor Paul, I'm surprised I didn't give him a heart attack.

12. Go on a picnic - Hasn't happened yet but there is still time!

13. Waste less time on my laptop - Better!  I barely ever use my laptop except for at night :)

14. Don't always multitask - Failed.  Jeez.  I should have looked at what I wrote next to this.  Something to work on for the next two months that's for sure.

15. Continue to follow my budget - Nailed it.  I have an excel spreadsheet now and track like a badass, I've cut spending in some areas and tripled my contribution to my retirement account. BOOM.

16. Become a better friend - A work in progress that I hope continues :)

17. Perfect a signature cookie recipe - Errr. Nope, still gotta work on this... especially since I can't remember the last time I made cookies.

18. Spend more time with my grandma - Trying and not succeeding that well.  I moved in January and now I live about 10 minutes away from her.  It makes it easier to make little trips in and easier to get there on the weekends, but it's still difficult with working full time.

19. Blog at least one time per week - Clearly, this didn't go according to plan... working on it!

20. Plan a trip - Complete!  Paul and I went to Louisville in December and we're heading to San Francisco in August :)

21. Be more grateful - A work in progress too :)

22. Take a class - I haven't done this yet... but it's not too late to look into calligraphy, cake decorating or photography.

23. Read one book per month - Complete, kind of!  I wouldn't say it's averaging to one per month, more like one per three months - still better than none.

24. Volunteer - Complete!  I've volunteered at a few different events since my bday and applied for the Junior League of Cincinnati - I should be finding out soon if I was accepted!

25. Discover the area of dietetics I'm passionate about - I love maternal/child health and wellness, oncology outpatients... actually all outpatients and preventative health and wellness.

26. Complete one month of the Physique 57 challenge - Incomplete!  This has to be a winter goal... I love running too much :)

27. Try a book on tape & stay more current with the news - I recently listened to a book on tape thanks to Audible!  I've been working on staying more current with the news but it's hard when I don't waste as much time on my laptop looking at websites anymore - I do listen to NPR occasionally which helps me stay semi-up-to-date and I love the CNN app on my phone.

How many do you think I can reach by my birthday?!  Two more months go to!

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