Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

Hi there, happy Friday to you!  This week seemed to go by rather quickly, but I couldn't be more ready for the weekend.  I've been alone at work for the past few days - luckily, our census has been low - but today I completed the annual clinical audit ::stressful::.  I haven't done too well on the workout front this week and feel like I could benefit from giving myself some TLC - I typically find when I don't take enough time to take care of myself, stressful situations that normally wouldn't be so stressful are just so much more wearing.  Needless to say, I'm ready to relax for a couple of days - I've got my first hot yoga class planned for Saturday and plan on curling up on the couch Atlas Shrugged.  So, here are my Friday favorites - complete with a little fashion, a thought provoking article, an artistic piece, tips for optimism and a recipe!

1. This lace shift dress from Target.  I tried this on in the store last week and fell in love with it.  I ended up ordering the black dress and the cream dress... they were buy one get one 50% off!  I'm a little nervous about how it might wash, so based on my past experiences it will just be making a trip to the dry cleaner when it needs to be freshened up.  I've been looking for ways to update and clean out my wardrobe, so this little number was perfect.

2. My Mom, Borderline Personality Disorder and Me - My mom might not have a personality disorder, but she is an alcoholic....she can be very loving and in the same breath extremely hateful.  I would say that having her as my mother has made me a stronger person - it has also made me incredibly patient and has reiterated the importance of treating other people kindly even when I don't always feel like it - in short it has gifted me with some of my best qualities. However, being her daughter can be challenging and sometimes it does affect my self esteem.  Late last year, I found this article and now whenever I feel particularly wounded, I reach for it.  Almost of the feelings and scenarios experienced by the author are similar to those that I've experienced - almost as if I penned some of the situations myself.

3. Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly - if you haven't already seen this, make sure to click this link.  I love the concept of how Tom Hussey has captured how we all age but may see ourselves differently when we look in the mirror.  Have you ever thought of your age and through that you internally feel much younger?  I suspect that feeling never goes away and love how it is portrayed through this artwork.  In each piece, he seems to capture the individual at one of their most confident times. Breathtaking.

4. 12 Tips for Staying Optimistic - We can all use more positivity in our lives, so why not share?

5. This BBQ chopped chicken salad from Iowa Girl Eats.  I love the version from Panera Bread, so why not make my own at home?!  This would be perfect with avocado added!

What's your Friday favorite?

Have a great weekend!  See you soon.

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