Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  TGIF, after the longest work week ever, I'm totally ready for the weekend :)  That being said, here are my friday favorites!!

1. This quote... word, Lauren Conrad.

2. This interview with Edie Windsor brought tears to my eyes.  "The fact is, marriage is this magic thing. I mean forget all the financial stuff - marriage symbolizes commitment and love like nothing else in the world."  I couldn't agree more - love is love and we should all have the right to love and commit ourselves to whoever the one is, regardless of their gender or your own.

3. Pic Stitch - I'm obsessed with this app!  Can you tell?

4.  Easy chicken tacos from Iowa Girl Eats - these look divine!  If only I had a crockpot...hopefully someday soon!  I've heard great things about them.

5. The new music room in our home -  it's fantastic.  There's nothing I love more than watching my other half play guitar - seriously, there are so many things hooked up to different things and I don't even know what they do, but what I do know is that it's AMAZING.  We painted the ceiling, walls, moved in all the equipment and furniture - I'm so happy this room came together :) 

What's your friday favorite?