Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Friday - Leather Bag Love

Happy Friday friends!  This week's fashion friday is going to focus on how to take care of your leather bags - something that has plagued me for years.  Keeping your leather handbags clean and moisturized helps prevent cracking and splitting, extending the life of your bag. 

*I completely understand if you're against carrying leather or owning belongings made out of leather and I respect your opinion and ask that you please respect mine, if so feel free to skip this post and visit on another day*

I've accumulated quite the collection of leather bags over the years, but what's kept them alive and kicking is the fact that they've been well cared for over time.  Well, maybe not all of them, since there are some bags that got carried around to college parties back in the day and didn't make it out of college alive.  However, there are other bags that I've loved and taken care of.  This post today will help you to care for your leather bags, so that they can last a lifetime.

Step One: Assemble your leather bags in a clean and well lit area.  You can sort them by color or size, whichever method makes you feel more organized.  Gather a few clean cloths - I ripped up a few t-shirts for this - to use to make the application easier. 

For this project, you have two options.  You can do a two-step cleaning, like I did, or you can do a one-step cleaning.  I use these two products from Coach - a leather cleaner and a leather moisturizer - but I have also heard that using a plain, unscented baby lotion can be used for the moisturizing step.  If you don't have a cleaner available or if the particular bag you're using says not to use a cleaner, feel free to skip this step.   

Step Two:  If you're doing a two-step application process - apply a dime size amount of cleaner to one of your clean cloths, apply it to the bag in small circular motions.  Wipe of excess and allow to dry.  Repeat these same instructions using a clean cloth and the leather moisturizer. 

Step Two: If you're doing a one-step application process - apply a dime size amount of moisturizer to one of your clean cloths and apply to the bag in small circular motions, wipe off excess and allow to dry.

And there you have it, now your bags are moisturized, well cared for and ready to last a lifetime.  See you tomorrow with weekend favorites! 

How do you take care of your leather bags?  Any tips or tricks that I've missed?