Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion Friday - Fabulous Finds

Happy Friday!  TGIF.  Winter is upon us and I'm anxiously waiting for spring.  While spending my time indoors, I've recently been browsing more fashion blogs.  I've become so inspired that I even recently purchased a bright turquoise bubble necklace from Etsy that I'm dying to wear.

One of my goals for 2013 is to create a more cultivated closed, meaning that I want to invest in pieces that go well with the rest of my clothes and further develop my sense of style.  I need to quit buying and liking things purely for the fact that they are on sale.  I've also been testing the new rule that if I buy something and I don't wear it within a week, then I return it to the store.  

I would say that my style is mostly classic, but that it could use a little updating.  I've recently been inspired by Pinterest - one of my favorite styles for winter is layering.  Recently, I've been seeing a lot of layering with gingham and chambray shirts - two things I've always been intimidated by....

Take a few spare hours in Hawaii, an Old Navy giftcard and Pinterest and here are my fabulous finds for Fashion Friday.  I love that Old Navy is so on point with trends now, it's a great way to test out lower priced pieces of modern trends.

First up, this white oxford.  It's pretty fitted and will be perfect for layering under warm sweaters, in fact, I'm planning on wearing it to work asap. A classic piece that was missing from my closet.

Second, this purple gingham button down.  I've been thinking about the gingham trend for awhile and almost purchased a pink gingham shirt from JCrew a few months back, but I just wasn't sure.. a pink gingham shirt could be in my future depending on how I do with this one!

Finally, last but not least, a chambray shirt.  I can't wait to wear this, I think it will be super cute dressed up with skinny jeans, heals and a black blazer.

*Disclaimer, this post was not sponsored or endorsed by Old Navy* 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you again soon!  There might or might not be a weekend favorites post this week... it depends how crazy my big move gets :)

What's your favorite fashion blog? I'd love to add a few more to my favorites.