Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Favorites

Hi there :)  In an effort to blog more, I thought I'd start posting a list of Saturday Favorites - things I've found from around the web throughout the week that I love.  Another way to step outside of the food blogging realm and dive a little deeper into myself.  You'll notice some of these things are serious, like #1, provide entertainment, like # 4, or sigh have to do with cooking like #5. I couldn't get away from the food blogging completely could I...

1. I love the Thought Catalog.  Basically, Thought Catalog is a list of random musings and articles by different authors.  I read this article, Let Me In, and almost got teary....since the person that the article is written to sounds a lot like me. It's comforting to know I have a twin out there who is as equally complicated as I am.  Anyway, onto to the rest.... 

2. Prevention RD's question & answers series - so informative for those of you with nutrition questions and/or questions about becoming a dietitian - Nicole has one of these posts almost weekly and sometimes even I learn new information from them!  You can also look at the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics as another great resource. 

3. M.I.A.'s song Bad Girls - such a good song for running, which reminds me... I heard it for the first time when I was watching this wonderful new tv show and that leads me to #4.

4. The Mindy Project- a hilarious new comedy on fox.  I've been watching it on hulu and I can even say in all seriousness that I watched the first episode twice.

5. Cooking Light's Pan Seared Scallops - I always order scallops at restaurants and I would like to be able to make them at home... I have to admit I'm a little nervous that they might turn out like my great salmon debacle.   Look how amazing these scallops from Cooking Light are?

What are your weekend favorites?