Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Saturday Kind of Stir Fry

Hi there!  Happy Sunday :)  Oooo and Happy April Fool's Day!!  Any plans to play any good pranks today?  I read a huge list on pinterest a few weeks ago and I must say my favorite included tying your husband's clothes to the bed while he's sleeping bwahaha.  When I was in college, I stuck a plastic rat in my roommates bathroom - simply terrible ;)

 I can't believe how fast the weekend has seemed to fly by - it feels like it was only Friday moments ago.  Friday night's plans included sushi with the girls and an early night in, which some nights are the best nights of all.  

On Saturday, I went to brunch with another friend and hit up the farmer's market.  One very important lesson was learned and that is don't go to the farmer's market when you're freezing!  I walked away with only a few pieces of chocolate because I was too cold to shop I never thought I would ever say that Apparently, that encouraged me to come home and spring clean my apartment.  Someone tell me how that makes sense. Last night, I watched the OSU vs. Kansas with a few friends and had one of my favorite gluten-free ciders Crispin!

Today, my agenda includes brunch with the girls....which wouldn't be complete without bottomless mimosas!  Champagne and orange juice, can you do no wrong?  The weather is supposed to be so warm today that I can't wait to enjoy it.  Unfortunately, there aren't any flip flops in my future today :(  Sigh, the joys of a stress fracture.

Anyway, I thought I would share one of my favorite quick and easy recipes. I made this  a few weeks ago and thought I would share.  It's simple, fast and easy - plus you can substitute any veggies of your own and feast away.  Enjoy!

Saturday Stir Fry


1/3 cup brown rice, uncooked
1 tbsp cold-pressed sesame oil
10-15 asparagus spears
1 tsp garlic, minced
1/2 tbsp onions, diced
3 oz tofu, chopped
1 tbsp of tamari (feel free to use less!!)

1. Prepare brown rice according to package directions or use a rice cooker like I do :)
2. Rinse and dry asparagus.  Holding onto ends, break asparagus in half - it will snap right about the woody stem - discard ends.  Chop asparagus into 1/2-1 inch size pieces.
2. Spray wok with non-stick spray then heat 1 tsp of sesame oil in wok over medium-medium high heat.  Add asparagus, after 3 minutes add garlic and onions, cook about 5-7 minutes or until asparagus are lightly crunchy. Occasionally stir so that all pieces cook through.  Remove asparagus mixture, set aside.
3. Add tofu to pan with 1 tsp of sesame oil, turning to coat and cooking until tofu is lightly browned.
4. Add asparagus mixture back to wok, stir to combine.  Cook an additional 2-3 minutes then add rice and remaining tsp of sesame oil.  Cook until thoroughly warmed then add tamari, stirring to combine.  Remove from heat and serve.

What are your favorite stir-fry ingredients? Any fun Sunday plans?