Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love. Love. Love.

Happy Valentine's Day loves!!!  I hope you had a simply fantastic day filled with love - whether you're single or attached :)  I've always loved Valentine's Day - actually, it's my favorite holiday after Christmas.  I just love that it's a day all about love - oh and a day devoted to pink, hearts and chocolate.  Honestly, I haven't had a "valentine" in forever, but I've never been bitter on Valentine's Day.  It's just so magical and if you're unattached, spend it with the people you care about!  I spent my Valentine's Day evening with some of my best girl friends enjoying unhealthy Mexican food, good gossip and margs well, the enjoyed margs cause I've been fighting a headache all day and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

So, check out my Valentine's Day masterpiece.  I started my day off with an attempt at heart shaped eggs.... errr you can see that I got the first one to work, the second one went in the trash and by the third I just gave up and flipped it.  You win some, you lose some.  Maybe those metal shapers would be better for pancakes?  Hmmm... perhaps that will be an experiment for tomorrow's WIAW :)

After a little grading, I went to my first spinning class at LA Fitness.  I've taken spinning before, but it's been awhile since I've gone - I was super nervous since their bikes are kind of weird.  It ended up being a great workout and I'll definitely be back!  I'm taking a week off of Pure Barre since my Groupon ran out :(  I purchased the 30 day new student special - which is unlimited for 30 days from the first use - but I'm trying to delay starting it since I'm still a little up in the air with jobs and I want to be able to continue to afford my Pure Barre classes so I can fuel my addiction.  I spent the afternoon prepping for my class at the rec, sent a sorry I'm not that into you text (yeah, yeah I know it was Valentine's Day, but honesty is the best policy, my text didn't get a reply and Valentine's Day is all about following your heart) and enjoyed a fabulous dinner with the girls.

So friends, I want to share some of my favorite pinterest images about love in honor of this fabulous day :)  Love you all and thank you so much for reading!

So very true
love & care for you.
someday :)
simply beautiful

everyone should be holding out for this - such a beautiful song

Happy Valentine's Day.