Saturday, February 25, 2012

Complete Saturday Randomness

Happy Saturday!!!  I haven't blogged in a week - yikes bikes.  I hope your week has been an absolutely fantastic one.... mine has been filled with grading assignments, proctoring exams, teaching a class on nutrition for distance runners, getting together with friends, crafting and lots of cooking.

This morning, I'm heading to Pure Barre :)  I recently purchased the new client special, which means I have 3 more weeks left of unlimited classes.  I'll admit, I was nervous that this would mean I would be going multiple days in a row.  However, I haven't noticed an increase in soreness - except for I had to knock down my planned 6 days into 5.  I've already seen major improvements in strength, I can go lower in pushups, hold the plank longer, get lower.  I've also seen subtle improvements in my body, as I've noticed recently that my posture is better and my thighs look thinner.  I don't believe that I've lost any weight, which is good, because that's not exactly my goal anyway, but I do believe that I've built muscle.  I do miss my classes at the gym, so I still need to figure out a manageable way to incorporate PB into my normal fitness routine once my new client special ends.

In other news, here are some cute pictures to show you what I've been up to - don't worry, there will be future posts with recipes and craft instructions for everything you see in the pictures :)

Polka dot jellies? Yes please.

Salad beast :)

Laughter with friends :)

DIY tinted mason jars :)

Gluten-free asiago bagels? Yes please

Dark chocolate raw macaroons :)

The coolest thing I've ever made :)

See you later with some pinterest inspired outfits :)  Enjoy your Saturday!