Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hope, faith & inspiration

Hi everyone!  Happy Wednesday :)  When I wrote about my 2012 Beauty Resolutions, I briefly talked about vision boards.  If you've never made a vision board, it can sound like a really cheesy idea.  I love them though - they help you organize your thoughts, think about what you want for your life and are pretty and inspiring.  Now, this doesn't mean that you can stick a picture of an expensive car, designer shoes, a sexy guy, a 6-figure salary and diamonds and expect to get all of that.  You have to be honest and you have to listen to your heart. 

First, let's look at my vision board that I created in Febrauary 2009 and I'll list the things that actually worked out the way I wanted them too and the things that worked out a little differently and why I think that is :)

 Let's start at the top shall we?

1. Pediatric nutrition - This is the field of dietetics that I really love and hope that I get to work in someday.  At the time, it was the only area I wanted to work in.  While I didn't end up finding a job as a pediatric dietitian, I was fortunate enough to work as a graduate research assistant in a lab focused on nutrition research for moms and babies.  I got to work on studies with pregnant women and follow up studies measuring babies, weighing them, etc :)  I focused most of my projects in graduate school on pediatric problems.  While I meant this to be focused on a job, but it turned into something way better. 

2. Prayer, hope, angels, faith - I really wanted to grow my soul in this area.  I started working on praying more and throughout the day, praying for strangers etc.  This will be carried over into 2012.

3. Lighthouse - My grandpa loved lighthouses.  I put this on here because I wanted to see one in real life - but what happened instead was they magically started appearing in my apartment.  First, there was the lighthouse clock my grandma gave me for my kitchen.  Next, it was the lighthouse statue I took to put on my radiator, next was the glass lighthouse hanging that's on my wall.  They always remind of my grandpa and that's comforting.

4. Flat abs - Ah, abs. The part of my body I'd never really liked that much - I'd always been self conscious of them, no matter how many crunches I did.  When I gave up gluten, I discovered the persistent bloating I had pretty much always had went away and what did I have instead? Significantly flatter abs.

5. Best closet ever -I moved into a new apartment and my closet space quadrupled. Who cares that I keep my clothes in the living room closet - it's still the best closet ever.

6. Clinical dietitian - Nope, it didn't happen.  However, graduate school sharpened the skills that I would use as a clinical dietitian and I started a part-time job as a dietitian where I teach classes and see individual clients.

7. Piggy bank - This was supposed to be representative of saving money - which I did by getting a full scholarship to graduate school - actually though what else happened was a strange collection of holiday piggy banks from Target.

8. Key necklace - I loved this look and wanted a way to replicate it.  I ended up finding the perfect necklace almost a year later here

9. Diamond ring - This was supposed to represent love and getting married (someday) but what instead happened was I got a diamond ring from my grandma that my grandpa had given her right after my aunt was born.  Still a symbol of love though :) 

10. Iphone -I ditched by old plan and cellular company and made the switch to AT&T.  My phone was only $49 and I did end up getting that case.

11. Be a better friend - One thing I really wanted to do was to build upon the friendships I already had.  I focused on being a better friend by listening more, I focused on being supportive, on building, on making my friendships better - I stopped letting things that hurt my feelings slide under the rug.  I realized that true friends stick around, despite the annoying things you do or the fights you have - just like family.  I also learned that sometimes being a better friend can mean being a better friend to yourself,  such when you let go of negative friends that bring you down or those that make you feel really bad about yourself.  It can also mean staying home when you're having a rough day.  If you're a better friend to yourself, then you can be a better friend to everyone else. 

12. Hope - Emily Dicksinson- I love this poem and if you've never read it you should.  I was having a really hard time when I made this board - I was working at the Gap but looking for a full-time job and I kept having great interviews but being told they found other candidates who were more experienced.  I put this there as a symbol of hope - things always come back around and they did - I got a full scholarship, amazing experience, a master's degree...

13. Carrie Bradshaw's family quote - It's amazingly true, that the best of friends do end up becoming family.

14. 3 girls at the beach - I wanted to go to the beach and to be a better friend (see above), so why not a picture of 3 girls at the beach?  Where did I end up like 8 months later?  That's right, Myrtle Beach, with 2 friends.

15. Kitten - Sigh. I didn't get a kitten but I did discover I might be allergic to cats....

16. Be a better you - Yes!  This totally happened.  I went to school.  I took care of myself and others and truly became and adult in the process.  I started following my heart more and thought about what I should be doing (generally, to make other people happy) less.  I stood up for myself in uncomfortable situations.

17. Optimist - Yep, the glass is still full.  Life is never stagnant and new opportunities are right around the corner.

18. Mr. Right quote (stolen from Glamour's field guide to guys) - So this didn't exactly happen this year, but then again looking at my life, I just wasn't ready for Mr. Right.  Am I even ready now?  I'm not entirely sure.  However, it does say most women settle before finding him and I definitely didn't do that :)

19. In the end, it comes down to grace - I definitely learned this - life is about how you handle hardships and challenges and not necessarily whether they come your way or not.

20. Make your own luck - I put myself out there more and opened up to new opportunities, so in a way, I did just that :)

Are you feeling inspired?  Well... here is the recipe for your very own vision board.

How to Make a Vision Board


1 piece of poster board/cardboard
1 glue stick
5+ magazines!
2-3 pieces of cardstock
3+ markers/pens etc.

1. Start with your magazines - go through and cut out anything that inspires you or that you like/want for your life - words, pictures, phrases, quotes, song lyrics.
2. Next, write any quotes that you love and couldn't find, phrases that inspire you - I printed out some that I love from pinterest :)
4. Organize your thoughts and decide where you want to place what on your board.
5. Glue away :)
6. Put your board in a place that you can see it every day and enjoy the good things it will bring you.

PS: Check back tomorrow for a post on my vision board for 2012 :)

Have you ever made a vision board?