Friday, January 27, 2012

A Friday Love List

Hi there!  Happy Friday :)  I hope you've had a fantastic week and an even more fantastic weekend ahead of you.  I don't have too much planned for today - this morning I went to an intense Pure Barre class - by far the hardest one I've ever been to so far.  I have a phone interview this afternoon, so cross your fingers for me that it goes well.  Then, I plan on spending the evening relaxing and hopefully finding something new to cook that I can post on this blog.

Since it's Friday and I don't necessarily have any super fantastic recipes to share (a few in the works.. but not yet!), I wanted to share a list of things I'm loving lately...

1. EOS Lip Balm - It's shaped like an egg - could it be anymore adorable?  Also, it's amazingly smooth and easy to find in my huge bag.

2. Veggie Hummus Sandwiches - This is easy peasy - kind of a mini recipe - take a gluten free English muffin, spread each side with hummus, top each side with 1/2 slice 2% sharp cheddar and tomato slices, bake until cheese melts - add cucumber, lettuce and avocado into the middle - close - devour - smile!

3. Pure Barre - I'm obsessed, could you tell?  If you take a class, I definitely recommend purchasing the socks with the grips on the bottom.  It helps so much for holding certain positions like the plank.
4. Trader Joe's Cranberry Nut Granola - I would have never bought this, but I decided it might be good in Greek yogurt... since I'm trying to switch up my meals and incorporate more protein, I figured why not... it's totally fantastic!

What are you loving lately?