Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Totally In Love Tuesday: Trader Joe's Salsa

Hi everyone.  I hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday.  Unfortunately, my thesis is calling and that means this post is going to be on the short side.  Correction - the really short side.

Everyone knows how much I love Trader Joe's, mostly because it's similar to Whole Foods, but significantly cheaper.  This product is one of my favorites and is something I purchase routinely when I make a TJ's trip...

This salsa is incredible.....use it for dipping fresh vegetables, topping baked potatoes, adding to mushroom tacos, serving with chips and guacamole - the possibilities are endless.  I always buy the mild, but if you are more adventurous then I dare you to try the hot.  

Aside from all of these benefits, all of the ingredients are natural... win :)  You know how I feel about minimal ingredients! 

What's your favorite kind of salsa? Traditional or fruit? 

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