Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Totally In Love Tuesday - Amy's Pizza

Hi blog friends!!  I hope you're having a terrific Tuesday :)  I've decided that I'd like to start a few theme days for the blog at the suggestion of one of my besties .... sooooo "Totally in Love Tuesday!" was born.  The title might sound a little 80's, but I love the 80's, who doesn't?  You probably should too.

Here's the scoop.... every Tuesday I'll be sharing with you a gluten-free product that I love...  Going gluten-free is so hard in the beginning :(  Hopefully, you'll be able to ditch out on eating some of the gluten-free versions of cardboard that I've eaten.

Drumroll please.... today (er and everyday) I'm totally in love with Amy's Cheese Pizza

Actually, I'm in love with everything that Amy's sells.  So why does this pizza rock?

1. You can cook it in your toaster oven - perfect for the lazy girl on the go.

2. It tastes like the real deal - cause who doesn't love pizza.

3. Umm it's loaded with cheese. Do I really need to say more?

4. It's enough for 2 servings - leftovers!!!

5. It's gluten-free :)

6. You can easily add extra toppings if you want something other than cheese.

7. It tastes even better cold.

8. You could totally serve it to gluten-eaters... promise they won't know the difference 

The drawbacks?  Yeah, sorry, I have 2 for you.  The first is the price of this pizza... it's kinda pricey at ~7.99 per pizza.  All of the other Amy's pizza's that aren't gluten-free are $2.00 cheaper... I'm looking at you Kroger... and Whole Foods.  The other HUGE drawback is that Amy's sells NINE.. that's right NINE versions of their non-gluten-free pizzas.... and only 2 gluten-free versions... one of which is a spinach pizza, which I would love... but it has soy cheese.  Why can't you make more versions of your gluten-free pizza Amy?  Why?

However, in the wise words of my grandma, beggars can't be choosers.  So, I'd like to thank Chef Amy for making the pizza of my dreams :)

PS: This isn't a paid review, it's simply my review of a pizza I love!

Are their any products you would like to see on TILT?  What gluten-free product do YOU love?

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  1. I really love "Enjoy Life" brand soft baked snickerdoodle cookies ... they are so addictive!