Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nothing But Pennies In My Pocket

Hi friends :)  I hope your week is off to a great start!  One more month until September and the start of fall!!!  As the title implies, this post is kind of about pennies...errr well saving them anyway.  Who doesn't want more pennies in their pocket?   I've always been good at finding sales... so I decided to share some of my wisdom with you.  So, finally, here are 5 of my favorite ways to spend less and get more. 

1.  Coupons, my friends.  Seriously.  I'm not talking extreme couponing, unless you have the dedication and patience (I don't).  Aside from getting coupons in the Sunday paper, you can print out them from, smart source & red plum.  You can also buy coupons on ebay - which is nice when you find a coupon you want for an item you often purchase  ::cough:: Silk Soy Milk :)   I highly recommend getting the Sunday paper the first week of the month - inside you will find the P&G Brand Saver book.. umm it's kind of amazing.  Oh yeah, and let Coupon Mom do all of the work for you - it will tell you what coupons you can combine with sales so you can get things for free. 

2. Read the ads - I mean seriously, this should be common sense....but how many people do you know that still get the paper on Sunday?  You can find the ads online at the retailers website, I try to look at Kroger, Target & Walgreens on a decent basis. 

3.  Do you love designer denim?  I know that I do, but $200 plus for a pair of jeans is a little ridic... when you can get them for wayyyy cheaper from online sample sales (which carry a wide variety of sizes btw).  Just make sure you know your sizes in the brands you like ahead of time.  Check out Rue La LaBeyond the Rack & Haute Look, I've purchased from all 3 of these websites and they have a wide variety of sizes.  Don't hate me when I say that I purchased J Brand Heartbreaker jeans for... $49.

4.  Sign up for emails from the stores you like.  Express, Gap, Piperlime & Banana Republic always have crazy printable coupons and online sales.  Just saying. 

5.  Become friends with Groupon and the Daily Deal.  This is a little hit or miss if you haven't been to the place previously - so I recommend going that route.  Nordstrom Rack = amazing idea. Pedicure at some wacky salon you've never heard of with horrible custom service that always has Groupons = not so much.

So now you can save your pennies... maybe you should get a piggy bank?  

What's your favorite way to save?

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