Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Love Fruit: Part One

Hi friends!  I promised a few days ago that I would do a sequence of posts on how to learn to love fruits & vegetables.  After a little contemplation, I decided to start with fruit as the majority of people have at least one fruit they love.  My favorite is raspberries...oh and strawberries, blueberries, avocado (yep, it's a fruit), bananas, kiwi, cuties (so much more fun to say than clementines)... umm wait that was like 7 not one.  Two things led to this post 1) I have no fresh fruit in my refrigerator 2) it's a million degrees in the Midwest - okay not really, but you get the drift.....

What is the one way you can learn to love fruit if you aren't a fan?  In POPSICLE form :)  I mean, really, who doesn't love popsicles?  I am not talking about those things that come in a plastic tube that you cut the end of of btw.  I am talking about a fruity, sugary, homemade popsicle... yum.

First, you will need popsicle molds.  They aren't that expensive, $10-15 will buy you the perfect set.  I have this set that I ordered from Amazon, it's by Tovolo, I can't give it enough rave reviews.

This one would be awesome with twisted popsicles...
Ahh I am in love with these ring pops.. how cute... especially for kids!

Raspberry Surprise Popsicles

1/2 frozen clementines, slightly  
1 cup frozen raspberries, slightly thawed

1.  Place your fruit into a food processor, blend until smooth with no visible pieces of fruit.
2.  Pour your fruit blend into your popsicle molds leaving about 1/2-3/4 inch in the top to allow for the mixture to expand.
3.  Freeze for at least 6-8 hours.

*Feel free to use fresh fruit - I just happened to only have frozen - you can also substitute oranges for clementines* 

This recipe makes 2 popsicles - this means each one counts as 1+ servings of fruit :)  If 2 spots in your popsicle mold aren't filled with remnants of an icy pudding popsicle disaster, then by all means double this recipe.   See, I told you loving fruit wasn't so bad....

What's your favorite popsicle flavor?  Have you ever made homemade popsicles?

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  1. I have to say, I've never made homemade popsicles b/c my teeth are sensitive & I don't eat them that much anymore. I used to love cherry, strawberry and orange flavors the best when I was younger. This recipe sounds delish and the popsicle molds are adorable!